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After making many, many necklaces and earrings (to match of course),
 I was totally in love with the whole process of creating these one of kind
 pieces of jewelry.  Each facet of the process was exciting and absolutely
 enjoyable to me, selecting the shapes, textures and the amazing array
 of colors. Finally  creating a design that best reflected the beauty of the
 beads and that was also appealing . Being able to sell them and make
 other people feel a little bolder and more FABULOUS …wow.. well
 that just made my day!

Encouraged by friends and strangers alike I began to sell my very own
creations.  This lead to sales in the USA, England, Jamaica, Canada
and Barbados…so far.  With the taste of success fresh in my mind and
 fingers, I was inspired to create the innovative and unique designs that
 you see on my website today.

The pieces of jewelry created for FABULOUS U JEWELRY are unique,
 handmade, no two are identical.

Thank you for visiting the FABULOUS U JEWELRY  Collection.

 When you wear a necklace by FABULOUS U or buy one as a gift . . you
 have made yet another woman just more… FABULOUS!

Please return often, as the selection changes when new pieces are added.

TIP: Remember that by adding a great FABULOUS U Necklace you can update your whole look (even last years)

That’s right Ladies …. Increase your FABULOUSNESS!!!

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When wearing My Jewelry..

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